Assemblies from BUK

Plug and Play.

If you prefer things to be simple and straightforward, we will also be happy to take over the assembly of individual components into finished assemblies and other value creation for you in conjunction with injection molding. Instead of many individual parts, you receive the finished assembly directly, thus saving time and resources.

Quality inspection

Take advantage of our know-how.

Comprehensive testing usually takes its time. Thanks to continuous development of our advanced technology, we can take care of the entire inspection, guaranteeing you perfect assemblies in a short time. In addition, we are happy to perform complementary operations for you, such as ultrasonic welding, orbital welding, rotation welding and pad printing.

Highest quality at the push of a button.

In order to meet our own high quality standards and those of our customers, we design and build specially developed testing devices that perform final product testing directly at the push of a button. For example, we check the flow, tightness, completeness and exact position of your assemblies for you. In this way, we already ensure on site that the assemblies we produce fulfill their tasks optimally and that the zero-defect principle is guaranteed right from the start.


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