Customized production

Quality thanks to experience

In the manufacturing process, we produce the components you order. With decades of experience and a high level of training, our employees in production ensure that high-quality products are created in series production.

Employees spray shop UHB

From small to large

With over 65 injection molding machines from 350 kN to 4,400 kN, we produce components from 0.1g to 1,500g shot weight.

Material and color

We process all technical plastics, such as

  • PA6
  • PA 4.6
  • PA 6.6
  • PA12
  • POM
  • PC
  • PBT
  • PETP
  • PPE+SB
  • PUR

In addition, we also offer special plastics, such as

  • PEEK
  • PA6-3-T
  • PSU
  • PA-X
  • PPA

Our extensive experience with recyclates enables our customers to produce their plastic components sustainably, if desired. To be able to also offer individuality, coloring technology is an integral part of our production processes.

plastic granules

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