Design and toolmaking

The perfect tool

Laying the foundations.

Our designers create the ideal concept of an injection mold for the component you have developed. In doing so, they place particular emphasis on the balancing act between original vision, efficiency and technical feasibility and master it with the help of the latest technologies and in close consultation with you as the customer. This is the only way to create a solid basis for your component.

Machine operation in the tool shop

Everything from a single source.

The mold we design is also built, maintained, adapted and repaired in-house. This is how we ensure that the injection mold meets our high quality standards. A reliable, accurate and efficient mold satisfies us and our customers. Realizing customer requirements with the perfect mold – that is our goal.

With precision to the goal

Our toolmakers manufacture the mold in careful work steps. Based on the design plan, the entire injection mold, from the outer mold structure to the molding, movable parts, is produced with precision using our state-of-the-art processing machines.

Perfection through teamwork

In the toolmaking department, we check every injection mold for absolute precision. In cooperation with the design engineers and the quality assurance department, our highly trained process mechanics ensure that the finished mold complies perfectly with the required dimensions by means of regular mold adjustments and sampling.

Machine operation

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