Consulting and development

In the beginning is the idea

The right solution for every idea.

You know what, but not how? Whether it’s a sketch, sample or drawing – our design engineers will help you give your idea a concrete form. With the help of a feasibility analysis, we immediately design the ideal tool for your components. Are you already sure about the exact requirements your component has to meet? Perfect! Rely on our know-how from over 50 years of experience in working with technically demanding plastics.

Product in hand

Metal substitution – technology of the future

Lighter, cheaper and more durable: from car engines to water faucets, using components made of plastic instead of metal is not only modern and economical, it also saves resources and is therefore better for the environment. Take advantage of our decades of expertise in metal substitution and get ready for the future.

Together to the best result

In order to produce the best possible mold in the fastest way, we discuss with our customers in advance the critical areas of the part and their advance quality planning. Precise prior coordination allows us to achieve the ideal result in a time- and cost-efficient manner.


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